How we work

Our procedures

New facilities

If you are considering a new facility in an existing space or a ground up build, we are here to help. Whether large, medium or small scale we can package our service to suite your needs.


Through partnership with acoustical engineers, we offer advice on complete acoustical materials and solutions for all types of spaces. We use the latest technologies to perform testing, measurement, predictive analysis and modeling.

Feasibilty study

We provide a comprehensive study and feasibility study provided by the partner acoustic engineering office.

Renovation / improvement

If it’s time to update your existing object, we have years of experience in upgrading and adapting spaces while respecting the desired design. We can plan the process in detail to minimize intervention times and maximize the acoustic results.

Result control

In order to ensure the best service, we ensure that the result is checked by the competent acoustic engineering office.


As the materials in our range can have several uses, we provide a logistics service for some of our customers. Visuals, backdrops, round tables for events.




For each project we carry out a study and carry out an appropriate implementation.

Ideal acoustic solution for structural work, monolithic concept, visible mineral concrete, all integrated into the concrete …

acoustic furniture

Ideal solution for offices, open spaces wishing to combine design and acoustic comfort …

The possibilities of using cold-stretched acoustic fabric are very varied. It easily replaces the wallpaper of a wall as well as …

Solutions for finishing work, islands (horizontal), baffles (vertical), neutral or printed, these elements are quick to complete …

When there are no more existing solutions, in collaboration with engineers and architects, we realize it …


Sometimes the existing solutions are not suited to the project. We are always ready to put all our energy and our know-how in order to realize new acoustic concepts …






We offer comprehensive acoustic advice for all types of spaces and conditions. We use the latest materials developed on the market respecting all fire standards, user protection, respect for the environment.



We will find a tailor-made acoustic treatment solution for you. Listen to music with breathtaking clarity, improve your comfort in your living and working places.



Once the requirements are known, we will design a processing solution and present it to you for your comments. We will include all the information you will need in order to visualize the treatments offered to achieve the desired results.